Our specialty is creating a silky feel for women who care about the health of their skin..

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    Professional skin care in all dimensions

    Our clinic’s wide range of skin services leaves no room for skin damage. All the necessary scientific and professional services and daily, weekly and monthly skin care with the best European materials are provided in this collection to beautiful women who care about the beauty of their appearance and skin health.

    All the services you need are provided together in this clinic and we are by your side from the beginning to the end.


    First-class services with first-class materials

    The skin lines of this clinic have a reasonable price, unrivaled quality and exemplary originality. This quality is only alongside first-class services based on knowledge and experience in the field Skin care has a fruitful result.

    Skin care

    Mesotherapy services

    Academic education

    Professional massage services

    Want to know how to keep your skin young?
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    Benefits of performing facial services in this clinic?

    • Experienced, specialized and fluent faculty of knowledge
    • Use of original and first-class European materials
    • A package of various facial and massage services together
    • Dermatology and skin age determination
    • Performing professional and specialized massage and spa services
    • Has unique services in a relaxing environment
    The best skin care with

    Clinic services of Dr. Afsaneh Darvizadeh

    Skin Care & Mesotherapy

    Academic Education



    Human skin, as the first part of any person’s body that others encounter, makes you feel better and more confident when it is healthy.

    Prevention precedes treatment

    Prevention now is easier than trying to solve future skin problems. Your daily skin care habits have a huge impact on what you see in the mirror every day.

    The importance of skin care

    Skin care is an important part of a healthy life that, by becoming a daily habit, will make you a healthier and happier person.

    We pass on the knowledge of skin care to you

    A unique clinic in the field of academic education of skin care sciences for women.

    In-person and out-of-class classes

    Dr. Darouizadeh, with years of teaching experience at the university, is an instructor of online and offline skin care sciences courses.

    Certificate of completion of the course

    The center grants end-of-course certificates to its graduates.


    In this clinic, all kinds of skin massage and relaxation massage services are performed for dear women.

    Differentiation in service

    In this center, you not only get a massage, but also experience peace of mind in a soul-friendly environment.

    Professional solutions

    Depending on your skin and physical needs, various massages are offered to you by experienced specialists.

    A collection of experienced specialists in facial and scientific skin care services

    Dr. Afsaneh Darouizadeh

    Skin care
    Work since 2010

    Hilda Gorjizadeh

    Skin care
    Work since 1394

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