Our specialty is creating a silky feel for women who care about the health of their skin..
I was born a drug legend.
Professional PhD from UAE University with 5 years of teaching experience at University and graduate in skin care from Dubai, Italy, Spain and Australia
About Us

We keep your skin healthy

Do you know what facial skin is? Facial skin is one of the new cosmetic and skin care methods that is used to keep the skin fresh and refreshed. Facial, which has different stages, brightens the skin, refreshes and maintains its youth and beauty, and you can experience a new feeling by providing facial services at this clinic. The purpose of this clinic is professional and specialized care for your skin. We try to give you a bright and beautiful face and a unique feeling by using premium European products that have been carefully selected and have European quality and standards.

I am Hilda Gorjizadeh,
M.Sc. in Architecture. I have an international degree in skin care
and I have studied in Australia,
Italy and Dubai.